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 Information: Nutrition and Health

Heart Health

Heart health

Look after your heart and monitor your cholesterol levels.  If you have a family history if heart problems discuss this with your GP. 
Come and talk about your diet and check if its as healthy as it can be.
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Diabetes word cloud
Diabetes is a serious medical condition and can affect many parts of the body.  Have regular checks and control your sugar levels.  ​
If you are unhappy with your diabetes care discuss this with your GP.
For a dietary review come and talk to Ruth.

 Ruth has many years experience looking after people with diabetes.
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weight management

Weight Management

Ruth can help you lose that extra weight you have always wanted to lose. Ruth gives practical information which is helpful to everyday life.

Come to the clinic and see what Ruth can offer to help you lose the weight you always wanted to lose.  Join Ruth's weight loss programme
 and see how you lose that weight.

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Digestive Health

Digestive Health

Most people at sometime in their life will have had or have digestive issues.  Talk to your GP if its affecting your lifestyle today.
Ruth can offer help and advice for all types of digestive issues. The hot topic at the moment is the FODMAPs for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  
This diet has been shown to be very effective to help IBS.
Ruth has experience with low FODMAP and is knowledgeable about this diet.

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Women's Health

There are times in a women's life when she needs extra nutrition support. 
Examples of these times include; Polycystic ovary syndrome and menopausal women.
Talk to a medical doctor if the symptoms are affecting yur every day life. 
Ruth is available to advise on your diet in those situations.
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Bone Health

Bone health is underestimated and not often thought about.  
Are you eating enough calcium?
Do you get enough vitamin D?
consider these to optimise your bone health today without delay.
Talk to a medical doctor if you are worried.
Ruth can advise on the best way to optimise your diet for your bone health.
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Kidney Health

Kidney failure is a serious medical condition.  
Talk to your kidney team if you have any concerns about your care.  
Kidney medicine is Ruth's specialist area and Ruth would be delighted to talk to you about your diet and how to make it suitable for your kidney problems.  
Please  bring your last clinic letter and blood tests to your appointment.
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Vegetarian and Vegan diets

Ruth is able to ensure that your vegan or vegetarian diet is well balanced and healthy for you.
 Come and talk to Ruth to find out more how to have a healthy diet.
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